Creating an effective Organsiation Culture

Virtually everyone at work is facing increasingly complex challenges, and in greater number.  How do we know?  Because many organisations and individuals are asking us to find ways to help them cope.

Globalisation of markets and communication are significant drivers for change, as is the current high rate of mergers and acquisition.  Tighter competition, too, is in the mix, alongside regulation and compliance.  But that's not all.  There is the climate of rising customer expectations to deal with plus the continual search by organisations for even greater flexibility and efficiency.

We understand that in stressful times, it is even more important to create an internal culture of trust and partnership, and for leaders to demonstrate behaviour that supports a climate of trust and well being and to be able to communicate and share their confidence in the current and future plans of the organisation.

We work at both 'bottom up and top down' collaboratively ensuring that leaders and employees work together.   We use a systematic process including definitive research and analytics. Through research we have learned that ultimately it is an organization’s cultural attributes—measured in terms of “what’s expected” of members—that are likely to drive engagement as well as performance. We prefer to work together and create support systems so you, the client becomes independent with the skill and process reequired to support the desired outcome.

Through analysis of current and desired culture we design and implement programmes, supported by one ot one and team coaching,  at all levels of  leadership, management and staff , providing e.g.  specific skill sets so everyone is involved in leading and demonstrating the desired change. The achievement of the desire culture is tracked over time, with re-measures at agreed intervals. Internal processes of appraisal, reward, coaching, learning and development are also aligned.

We also provide one to one coaching, supervision of internal coaches, team facilitation, to support any change process.

Please also refer to recent projects which demonstrate how we have worked with our clients.