There is ample evidence to support the view that UK organisations of every size and type are confronting more and more complex challenges on an almost daily basis. At the strategic level, organisations face the challenges of a global marketplace, the demand for more and better communication, the imperative to keep ahead of the competition, and the ever-increasing expectations of customers. At the implementation level, however, the pressure for change is squarely on the shoulders of individuals, e.g. to take on new roles, to re-organise functions, to develop new teams and practices and to monitor progress and make adjustments. It is at the individual level that coaching is able to play a key role and impact on productivity and strategic aims.

Directors and senior managers have a wealth of experience - attending a course is not always the most valuable use of time or the best way to fine tune skills or create new strategies.

By having a personal coach - who is not part of the organisation - it allows a wider and more open exchange of information that can lead to a simpler route in taking on board what is required. We can provide coaching once per month on a fixed term, or on an ad hoc basis that allows companies to provide their staff with confidential and independent advice.

We specialise in the following areas for Executive Coaching:

Our personalised support and development strategy means that together we design a programme to meet your needs and time frames. Maximum flexibility is in built with a support network that includes telephone, email and web cam mentoring.

Experience shows that this process gives people more acceptance and understanding of themselves and others, taking on board feedback from 360 feedback processes, a higher success rate in implementing actions from a course, in developing specific skills to enhance performance and stretching talent.

We have high success rates in helping an individual decide on career options and mediating cases of stress and absence from work. We use solution focused techniques and concepts that produce positive and lasting results.

"I have to thank you for all of the work we did together and the help and guidance that you gave me. I regularly revisit the notes I have made and so you are continuing to help me to grow and develop. I used the work and techniques that we had talked through last year, and I am so pleased to be able to tell you that they worked and I got the promotion.

So, a big thank you for that, but also a huge thank you for all of the help you gave me in being able to see the world from different angles. It's not exaggerating to say that I have seen a beneficial impact across all areas of my life."

Joanna King DSTL Organisation Development and Learning




In simple terms, coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process, which employs a variety of techniques. Its sole purpose is to bring about real, lasting personal growth and change by allowing the individual the personal space and support they need to make this happen.


The marketplace is crowded with people selling coaching services to business, so it’s important to be able to discriminate between the good, the not so good and the bad. A good coach does not necessarily need a great understanding of the business, job or challenge. But they do need to be able to:

An effective coach will invariably hold a business/ professional qualification as well as a vocational coaching qualification and be a member of a recognised body.

The LEADING BUSINESS team have all had at least 15 years of working in business at Senior Level, have specialist functional or industry experience combined with psychology, counselling, hypnotherapy to provide a unique blend of business acumen and 'softer' intuitive skills with the flexibility to work in a range of environments and across cultures.





"Anne is a true inspiration! Her coaching enabled me to embrace that which I feared most in my professional life; public speaking. She helped me to build new levels of confidence and made me feel that I can achieve anything. Working "from the inside out" has transformed not only the way I think & therefore behave in my professional environment, but has positively influenced my personal life too. I feel very lucky to have found Anne and have already recommended her to my colleagues and friends! Thanks again!"

Rebecca Gadsby - Senior Manager - Owen Mumford


 "Anne has given me strong and insightful support on a range of challenging personal and work-related matters over a long period, which has enabled me to remain focused and cope with a very demanding job"

Ann, Chief Executive

"I'll never be able to thank you enough for helping me to release the energy that is in me that I hadn't allowed to 'flourish'  and" take off'…you gave me the tools to help me blossom"

Lilian, Head Teacher



To ensure that your 'internal' coaches continue to 'be ahead of the game' and fit for business, we provide supervision and professional development for coaches - pre and post accreditation.

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